Friday, June 15, 2012

Roasted Jalapeno Hummus

I made this hummus recently for a work function and received several requests for the recipe. It's light, refreshing, full of flavor and very easy to make. The jalapenos are roasted to mellow their sharpness. They add great depth of flavor to the hummus but not a lot of spice so increase the amount of jalapenos if you like things on the spicy side.

This recipe doesn't require Tahini, which I didn't have on hand at the time, but if you prefer you can replace some of the olive oil with Tahini. I recommend using good quality olive oil.

Roasted Jalapeno Hummus
Makes approx 3 1/2 cups


2 cans of chick peas (aka garbanzo beans)
2 medium size jalapenos (use 3- 4 for more spice)
4 small garlic cloves, rough chopped (if your cloves are large use 3)
4 tablespoons olive oil + 3-4 tablespoons more for drizzling in
4 tablespoons fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon ground coriander
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon salt
Garnish:  Chopped cilantro and lime slices


Roast the Jalapenos

Turn oven to broil. Oven rack should be approx 12" from the heating element.

Wash and thoroughly dry the jalapenos. Place them on your broiler pan and place in the oven. Roast the jalapenos rotating frequently until they are charred on all sides.

Place them in a plastic storage bag and seal. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes to loosen the skins. Remove from the bag and remove the skin. Slice open the jalapenos lengthwise and remove top, seeds and ribs. Cut into thin strips (widthwise) to create small , thin strips. Set aside.

Make the hummus

Place the chickpeas in a microwave safe baking dish or bowl with a little of their liquid. I used a glass pie pan so the chickpeas could lay flat in a single layer. Microwave for 1-2 minutes to soften (this helps make the hummus creamier).

Place the chickpeas in the bowl of a food processor (without the liquid). Add the garlic, 4 tablespoons of olive oil, lime juice, coriander, cumin and salt. Turn the processor on and process until almost smooth. Gradually drizzle in the additional olive oil while pulsing until you reach your desired consistency. You may not need to use all of the additional olive oil, just gradually drizzle it in until you like the consistency.

Taste and adjust seasonings as needed.

Place the hummus in a bowl and fold in the thin strips of jalapeno.

Cover and refridgerate for at least 1 hour. I made mine the night before I served it in in order to allow the flavors to blend.

To serve: Place in a bowl or serving dish and garnish with chopped cilantro and a few lime slices. Drizzle additional olive oil around the edge if desired. Serve with veggies or homemade pita chips.

Store leftovers tightly covered in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.


  1. By far the best Hummus I've tasted!!!

  2. Thanks Patrick! Glad you enjoyed it and now you can make it anytime you want! : )

  3. I was never a big fan of hummus, but this dip could make me one. The flavors are sooo fresh. The lime and jalepeno mix well. The heat is not overwhelming, but noticeable.

    1. So glad you liked it! I'm a converted hummus hater as well, was never a big fan of store bought, but I could eat this hummus every day.

    2. yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. OOooh, that roasted jalapeno looks simply to die for! I love it in hummus, and now I can make it on my own instead of buying it from the store. :) Thanks Faye and Yvonne!


    1. Thanks for your comment Ann! I liked that the roasted jalapenos weren't processed in and you get these thin ribbons of jalapeno as you dig into it. Let us know how you like it and if you play around with any other flavors. I'm thinking roasted red peppers or roasted poblanos next....