Sunday, December 30, 2012

Roasted Holiday Breakfast Potatoes

Roasted Holiday Breakfast Potatoes

Ahhh… potatoes, no veggie is more creamy, flavorful or hearty. The Potato is a vegetable that can be used in all meal preparations; potatoes for breakfast (hash browns), for lunch (French fries) and for dinner (mashed potatoes) to name a few. No one can say this vegetable isn't versatile.  So what brings me to this veggie today? Well… I was inspired by my friend Yumi's Rosemary Breakfast Potato recipe. I needed to make a potato dish for our recent cookie bake with the girls, but I didn't want to make the basic breakfast potatoes so I took Yumi's recipe and added my own twist to it - a different seasoning and a few colorful vegetables. Let's just say these potatoes were a definite hit. Aside from tasting great, they look colorful and inviting to eat.  Give them a try for your upcoming New Year breakfast.  You will not be disappointed. Happy Cooking everyone

1 small bag of baby russet potatoes(there is a about 25 small potatoes)
¼ cup olive oil
1 to 1½ teaspoons season salt (depends on how much salt you want)
½ teaspoons pepper
1 medium sweet onion (like a Vidalia)
1 yellow pepper
1 red pepper
½ cup chopped Italian Parsley
Preheat oven to 425 degrees

Spray light oil on a large cookie tray.(Important: Make sure your cookie tray has sides to prevent the oil from leaking. You will thank me for this one. )

1. Rinse and cut each potato in half. Put into medium size bowl. 

2. In a small bowl add olive oil, season salt and pepper.   Stir.

3. Add seasoned oil to potatoes and toss. Make sure they are all coated.

4. Add the seasoned potatoes on to a large cookie tray , but keep the bowl where the season oil was in. We will be using this, set aside. 

5. Put potatoes in the oven, and set your timer for 20 minutes since you will need to stir.
6. While potatoes are roasting, chop up the onion and pepper into ¾ to 1 inch cubes.

7. Toss onions and peppers into the bowl that had the seasoned oil. If the vegetables do not get completely coated, add another tablespoon of olive oil.

8. Chop parsley and set aside to top finished potatoes.
9. As your timer goes off, stir and flip your potatoes. They might get a bit stuck to your tray, but make sure you stir them all.  Once you are done,
Stir in the onions and peppers.

10. Put back in the oven and roast for another 15 minutes.
11. Once timer goes off, using a fork, check to see that the potatoes are done. Fork should go right though potato with ease. If not, bake for another 10 minutes.
12. Once done, put finished potatoes and veggies in a serving bowl.
13. Add chopped parsley and serve.

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