Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LiveBakeLove Wine Tasting in Napa... "It's Not About the Wine"

LiveBakeLove hit the road this weekend for a wine tasting trip in the beautiful Napa valley to celebrate a milestone birthday for my sister, Freda. I won't say which milestone it was, but she looks fabulous so who cares, right?

Knowing we would be out for several hours consuming copious amounts of wine, Freda had the great idea to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy under the trees at Rutherford Hill and boy did we bring her vision to life!

This wasn't your "throw some food in a basket and call it a picnic" type of lunch. Oh no, we had individual kraft paper lunch boxes with wooden utensils and doilies. Not to mention cute min kraft bags with dessert!

While the setting was gorgeous, the picnic table was equally as impressive...

On the menu: Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Rustic Potato Salad, Charred Corn & Avocado Salad, Brie, Manchego & Crackers, 3 different types of wine along with the most delicious fresh mint Iced Tea I have ever tasted courtesy of Freda's friend, Diva. Seriously, it blows mine out of the water. I'm still dreaming about that tea and wondering what Diva's secret is...

The chilled Chardonnay and Rose were the perfect compliment to the fried chicken and the bite of the Devil's Peak topped it all off. 
The entire lunch was amazing, the setting was simply beautiful and the company was even better. What more can you ask for?
After a peaceful and relaxing lunch under the trees at Rutherfold Hill, it was time for a little "effervescence" in the form of sparking wine so we headed to Mumm Napa!

We were all looking forward to tasting Santana DVX Sparking Wine, however the favorite of the day turned out to be to be the DVX.

Last stop was Chimney Rock, where the power of persuasion (aka Freda's friend, Veronica) got us this cozy little spot on the back patio and a free tasting for everyone in our group...score!!

The Elevage Blanc 2012 was the hand's down favorite here. Probably the most buttery white wine I have ever tasted, it was aptly described as "liquid cream" (inside joke, you had to be there)....

Later in the afternoon, on the ride home, we enjoyed Italian Salami Sandwiches on the most delicious baguettes and German Chocolate Whoopie Pies.

 You can find the recipe for Freda's Italian Salami Baguette Sandwiches below. So simple, but perfect for a picnic lunch, especially with wine!
So, with all of the incredible food and wine we consumed, why is the title of this blog post called "It's Not About the Wine"? Well...because it's not. While the food and wine may have been phenomenal, the day was more about spending time with someone in my life who is more amazing than anything man-made, she was made by God and she's my sister, Freda.
I really can't describe how truly wonderful my sister is. She has been there for me in countless ways throughout my life, especially in adulthood. She gives genuinely without expecting anything in return and loves freely and unconditionally. If you're in need of help, she's the first one there. She really would do anything for the people she loves and I'm happy that she has surrounded herself by people who love and appreciate her in return. Life is too short not to.
I am so thankful my sister is at such a happy place in her life.
Cheers to birthdays, memorable times spent with family & friends and to life well lived!

 ** Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way, however if Rutherford Hill, Mumm Napa or Chimney Rock want to send me some wine, I would glady accept! **
Freda's Italian Baguette Picnic Sandwiches
Good quality mini baguettes, preferably from a bakery
Good quality Italian Salami
Your Choice of Hard Cheese, sliced thinly
Butter Lettuce
Slice each baguette in half
Spread pesto on top and bottom
Layer Salami (approx. 6-7 slices per sandwich),Cheese and Butter Lettuce
Wrap in parchment or wax paper and tie with twine


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