Friday, August 3, 2012

"Marry Me!" Cookies

One of my favorite food blogs is Lorie's Mississippi Kitchen. Her photos and recipes are amazing, she's won several contests, has photo galleries on Food Gawker and Tastespotting, not to mention she's a really nice person. When I stumbled upon her blog a few months ago, one of the first things that immediately caught my eye was the picture of these "I Want to Marry You" cookies on her sidebar. The picture and the name had me hooked and I knew I had to make them.... like immediately.

You know just by reading the recipe that these cookies are going to be good. Melted butter, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, oatmeal and cinnamon all combined into one delicious cookie.

My whole family gave these cookies a big thumbs up. So whether you're already happily married, trying to get that ring or happily single, I encourage you to bake a batch today! I also encourage you to check out Lorie's Mississippi Kitchen where I'm sure you'll find tons of recipes you'll love, just like I do!

Here's the direct link to the recipe. The only change I made was I used browned butter (slightly cooled) instead of just melted butter and my favorite Ghiradelli 60% Bittersweet Chocolate Chips for the chocolate chips. These chocolate chips are larger in size which makes them even better!

Here are a few photos to get you inspired.....

Mmm...cookie dough

Mmm..balls of cookies dough

Ready and waiting to be baked!

Baked to perfection

Could there be a ring under those cookies???

Now if that doesn't get you a proposal, I don't know what will


  1. oooh, i love how big you made these! :D I am positive these "marry me cookies" will be as successful as the famed "engagement chicken" so many people talk about, haha!

  2. Ah yes, the famous engagement chicken. I know exactly the recipe you're referring to. Imagine making both together in the same meal. The guy wouldn't stand a chance. LOL!

  3. Oh wow! Thanks for the shout out! The pictures are wonderful and I love your browned butter idea.:) I love those Ghiradelli bittersweet chips too--I buy them in bulk at Sam's club because you can never have too may chocolate chips. Now I want to go make a batch using the browned butter. :)

  4. You're very welcome! I'm always running out of those chocolate chips, looks like I'll need to make a run to Sam's Club to buy in bulk!